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Supporting Our Backyard

Dynamic Business Technologies has Partnered with and donated Datto Managed Wireless Access Points to Our Backyard, Car to Home Project an Initiative of Macquarie Care. Our Backyard- Car to Home Project is a designated private car park space that allows men, couples, women or families who are sleeping in their cars a place to park and sleep, […]

Automation & Control for iOS & Android devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Internet of Things (IOT) & Machine Learning….. now that we have all the buzzwords are out if the way, let’s talk about what they actually mean. All these technologies are all very powerful in their own regards and when combined can do some very cool things, even for you personally within […]

From Zero to Superhero – Microsoft Teams

  Whilst the online collaboration space is in no way new, there is increasing market competition to see who can create the best product. Microsoft is becoming a major player in this space via Microsoft Teams. Microsoft took a big step forward just a few months ago (July 2018) by announcing a free version of Teams. […]

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There is a common joke about IT support regarding the question, have you tried turning it off and on again?. Whilst it might sound dismissive, the truth is it’s not as much of a joke as you may think. Let us explain. Part of the “secret” to solving IT related problems is it’s mostly a […]

Protect your business from Office 365 Phishing Scams?

Most of the 365 Phishing Scams start by an email “Invitation” to share a file with you using a 365 application like Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint. If Clicked, this will often lead to a fake Phishing Website The fake site is a Microsoft/Office 365 branded site in an attempt to make users feel comfortable with a sense […]