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Small businesses are not immune to IT threats

Headlines about data breaches are always about huge enterprises or other big organisations. That doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who get hit, though. Small businesses don’t get as much notice, but they’re favourite targets for criminals. They don’t have the same resources as huge corporations to defend their data, so they look like easy […]

Your PC can automatically lock when you walk away, here’s how

Getting up from your desk to grab a coffee or a quick loo break is enough time for someone to walk past and see that sensitive email on your screen, or for an outsider to grab whatever they can from one of your many sensitive logged-in sites/programs. Locking your computer when you’re not there is […]

Advantages of Opting for Hosted Phone Systems

Seamless communication is a necessity for every organisation and acquiring the right phone system is the right approach towards making this a possibility. Business operators who do not have the capital or resources to maintain an on-premise phone system, opt for hosted telecommunication services. Hosted phone systems can enhance the operations of your enterprise and […]

The popularity of Microsoft Teams is encouraging most people to consider how they can leverage the potential of this resource in their daily activities. The challenge is that the use of Teams may not be straightforward for those who are starting, which suggests that newbies may experience difficulties as they try to get the most […]

How IT Managed Services can improve your business

In order for your business to be efficient and grow you need to have every component of your business functioning at its highest level. That won’t be possible with outdated technology or with juggling between managing IT services and developing your business. You didn’t go into business with the thought of getting a degree in technology […]

How Cloud Backups Can Ward Off Stormy Days

Two words struck massive fear in 2017: Wanna Cry? This digital invasion was a form of software called ransomware. The idea was to encrypt (scramble) up files and request money to fix them. Events like this have cost companies massive amounts of lost time, productivity, and sanity. Poor souls struck with this burden had a bigger […]

Your Company’s Security Blanket – The Power of Fixed Fee IT Support

Childhood monsters used to be thwarted by a brightly coloured blanket, thrown over our heads. Now that we’ve grown up, the monsters have upgraded to being computer problems. Nothing is scarier than spending hours on a report, only to lose it after a crash. Worse yet, hacking attempts from across the globe can bring any […]

International Space Station Emergency Demonstrates IT Security and Technology Threats

A tiny hole can take an entire system down, but only if it goes undetected. Dozens of participating governments and organisations, multiple dedicated professionals, and countless space aficionados had a bit of a scare recently when an alarm alerted the crew of the International Space Station to a potentially disastrous situation. The system detected a drop in cabin […]

What is SharePoint in 365?

  Advancements in technology are encouraging various developments in the use of various technological tools and services. For instance, SharePoint’s on-premise version is a platform whose conventional application is the creation, design, and management of content, workspaces, and websites. Currently, SharePoint is shifting from on-premise functionality to the online platform through the help of Microsoft’s […]